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Harness all your employee management related errands using our straightforward HCM Cloud Software. Access important information from employee profiles, performance logs, leave requests, and promotions. Keep the whole team informed by sending announcements and notifications with a click of a button.

Maximize your business operations

Straightforward SaaS

Revolutionary remote working capabilities

Top tier privacy settings

Online HR system for web

Unlimited data storage within a centralized medium

Robust Accounting and HR modules

Straightforward SaaS

Revolutionary remote working capabilities

Top tier privacy settings

Online HR system for web

Unlimited data storage within a centralized medium

Robust Accounting and HR modules

HRM Explained

Comprehensive HR view with easy scheduling, leave management and team announcements.

Undergo essential HR errands related to your employees, departments, announcements and calendar from the dynamic dashboard. See upcoming birthdays and upcoming leaves lined up. Let employees clock in their attendance and leave while you view their daily behavior through statistics in our add-on.

Easily onboard employees and view their information in seconds straight from the employee dashboard. Filter according to their profession, view their activity, and search for them directly

Add departments according to your preference inputting essential data like lead name and amount of employees. View important information at a glance here.

Save confusion by inputting different designations and job descriptions. View job roles and amount of employees filled in each from a straightforward interface.

Make important announcements to your company from our software. Choose to send them to all or search for a specific team or member. View older announcements filtering by date from your dashboard.

Review the terms and conditions of any form of leave. Choose to view them by location, designation, gender, year, and marital status. Manage company leave entitlement, requests, and calendar in a simple place

Track your employee progress and essential company stats with 9 different types of built in reports. Learn in-depth about your employees through illustrations, graphs, categories, and insights to make smarter business decisions.

Track company products and assets that your team uses from anywhere. Let your employees input requests for assets and allotments in an instant.

See from one simple interface your employees' contract type, start date, status, and more. On your dashboard, you can access attendance reports, filtering by date, month, and week.

Add additional fields to your employee profile based on demand with this extension. Add customer, contact, company, and vendor profiles in the CRM and Accounting modules also

Store, upload and manage essential fields and folders in the document manager. Available inside each employee profile, benefit from unlimited space, gain access to creator name and essential information on file edits.

View employee information from the frontend complimenting your ERP process. Allow your employees to ask for leave and view vital information. Save your employees time from logging into the dashboard by self checking in and out from here.

Create and monitor your employee curriculum. Managers have the freedom to assign courses to departments and designations or choose certain employees. View their progress through completion status, points scored and time taken to complete.

Simplify your payroll process with our comprehensive and efficient system. Handle salaries, pay, pay calendars, and more for the entire year. Have a detailed overview of pay periods, runs, dates, status, and more from the dashboard.

Elevate your recruitment search by having your workflow streamlined. From vacancy posting, examining, interviewing, and shortlisting, save time with our system. Effortlessly assign stages, and ratings and retrieve CVs easily on our system.

Ease up your manager's role by letting them handle employee returns and refunds. In requests, they can view payment status, transaction dates, and amounts through stats and graphs.

Notify your employees from anywhere, anytime, with SMS notifications straight to their mobile. MNGP ERP allows you to connect your system with two renowned SMS gateways, Twillo and Clickatel.

Create conditions that provide automated actions for specific employees. Using automatic workflow triggers saves the manual effort of sending emails, assigning tasks, updating fields, scheduling meetings, and more.

It’s never been easier to use an ERP for SMB

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Follow the built in guide to set up

Manage your office from the dashboard!

Comprehensive HR Management

Manage teams, and departments, leave and run reports instantly. Save yourself time to do essential HR errands using our complete HR solution.

Manage your team

Add personal information regarding each employee using the listing feature. View important details like assessment reports, complaints, and increments in one place.

Custom Field Builder

Add additional fields for your employees, contact, and company profile with a custom field builder.

Input important Employee details

Add unlimited employee information and use documents with a plugin to give a detailed profile of each team member.

Document manager

Allow managers to store and organize essential documents for your business.

View their work history

See employee’s complete lifestyle and add to their work history. Through real time interactive data, input information about events, transfers, salary increments, employment status, and so forth.

Asset Manager

The simple way to manage your office inventory. Assign assets to staff and retrieve them within a certain time period.

Straightforward navigation and rapid insights

Get real-time action updates with an overview of your ERP. Use the summarized dashboard for faster navigation.

Dashboard Overview

Learn about your business and employee performance at a glance with a detailed dashboard. Access the latest announcements, holidays, events, birthdays, and view payslips. View who’s on leave, the number of team members in the office, by departments, and designations. See your own attendance status on the dashboard, and check in and out from work.

Easy navigation using shortcuts

Quickly and easily jump or switch to different tabs with the shortcut header menu. Directly navigate to essential HR tabs from the dashboard with one click.

Abundance of activities for Employee management

Perform essential employee tasks. Pay wages, and salaries, conduct recruitment searches, undergo exams, evaluate and give feedback to staff.

Evaluate Employees

Receive feedback from team leads and project managers about employees and input details from discussions into their profiles. Easily access this information at a later to help make important business decisions.


Add vacancy announcements, publish posts and manage your recruitment process.

Add confidential notes

Mark an employee’s achievement or areas to improve with private notes on their profile, which only certain users can access.

View upcoming leave

Safely store leave requests and let our system automate them. Save your headache of calculating; our system calculates balances in just a click.


Manage your employee’s salary.

Add departments and designations

Assign employees based on their department and job role.

Effective Department Management

List all your departments, tag employees, to them and let them receive personalized announcements based on their department.

Designation Management

Save all the available positions and view the number of employees in them, with a designation listing. Long gone are the days of remembering and adding them manually.


Take back valuable time and elevate productivity rates with our HR training tool.

Employee Leave Management

Manage all employee leave requests and entitlement from a single place. You can create policies and review requests, entitlements, and holidays for every employee.

Make Leave Policies

Input company related rules and regulations for leave requests. List them in the system to remind the employees and HR manager of essential policies.


Effortlessly manage office expenses from one space and let your employees request for reimbursements.

Streamline leave management

Manage and review leave requests from one page. Let you and your employees add new requests from the same area.


Let your employees check in and check out using reports on a complete attendance system.

Holiday management

Input public and stuff holidays for automatic calculation of work hours.

HR Frontend

Benefit from heightened security and privacy by bringing the HR module to the frontend of your dashboard.

Leave entitlement

Assign a period leave or leave policy to an individual or several employees based on their department. When deciding who to assign to, you can select the location.


View approved leave requests for the whole year. Filter via department, designation, and date for a detailed view.

Practical HR Reporting

Instantly access 9 ready graphical reports for upcoming meetings and presentations. The automation of these reports is based on different company factors.

Email & SMS

Alert your workers about important information using built-in email templates in settings and announcements.

Custom Email Templates

Have full freedom to reach employees with custom email templates. Choose your tone of voice and the message to inform them effectively.

Workflow automated

Automate email communication, contact or employee creation and work related process with workflow.

Urgent messages

Send messages to certain employees or the entire office with flash. Employees receive urgent messages directly on their dashboard and an email notification to follow them.

SMS Notification

Straight from our ERP system, send SMS notifications to employees and contacts.

Company & Location Management

State your main branches for operation and other locations, and include them in employee profiles, invoices, and important business areas.

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